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"Edge underscores the bold, American design direction for all Ford vehicles going forward. Edge also is packed with Ford innovation from its panoramic glass roof and laptop-friendly center console to fuel-saving engine and advanced safety features. We expect Edge to make waves in the hot crossover market this year just like the Fusion did for midsize cars last year."
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"Somewhat slower (economic) growth, higher interest rates and volatile gas prices all add up to auto sales that probably won't outshine last year's selling rate in this new year."
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"I think to one degree or another we have been arrogant in the past."
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"We believe our plan is comprehensive and we are starting to make progress. We know there's still a lot of work to do."
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"But it remains a long journey."
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"The Way Forward is a long-term strategy and journey. But we are very satisfied with early progress and momentum, and we remain committed to all of the targets established in what remains a long-term strategy and journey."
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"one of our most experienced, capable and proven leaders."

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