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Larry Finucane Quotes

6 Larry Finucane quotes:

"I think it's been a learning process for them as well as me. But I think they know I have their back."
Author: Finucane Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"I think we will improve. I hope we will, but we haven't really done anything yet."
Author: Finucane Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"As a coach you try to be creative, but when you see something from a coach, a legend, you take a napkin, or a piece of paper and you write something down and keep it."
Author: Finucane Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"Let the chips fall where they may and hopefully we could benefit from that. We have great kids here. It's a pleasure to come to work everyday."
Author: Finucane Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"I told the young ladies that I'm proud of them, that I love being associated with them."
Author: Finucane Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"You have to represent the blue and orange with pride, and dignity, and class, and I think they are responding to that, and I'm very proud about that."
Author: Finucane Quotes Category: Class Quotes

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