Pervez Musharraf Quotes

40 Pervez Musharraf quotes:

"The Northern Alliance must not draw mileage out of this action and the post-action has to be balanced."
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"A sustained dialogue for a principled and lasting settlement must commence without further delay, ... We remain ready for such a dialogue at any time, any place, any level."
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"never expected a Pakistani leader to be greeted by this community with this sort of ovation."
"There are no training camps in Pakistan, ... and there is no cross-border activity. We are moving forward on confidence building, on conflict resolution. Confidence building is meant to defuse tensions, and for the last two years we have only been defusing tension, through confidence building measures, people to people interaction etc."
"Pakistan has been made a soft state where the supremacy of law is questioned. This situation can not be tolerated any more."
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"They were living in a residential area. The place was raided and there was a shootout,"
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"I think they're looking for financial support themselves."
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"fully prepared to face all consequences with all their might."
"We are not dragging our feet, nor we lack in determination to deal with the complex problem which has to be handled with care. It has to be addressed in its long-term perspective and not through use of force,"
"You must understand the environment in Pakistan,"
"You give me $100 per individual [per year] and guarantee for all the years in the future -- let them come in,"
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"The deaths could be running in the thousands. We do not have an exact figure for casualties at this moment, but it's massive,"
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"We tried our utmost but unfortunately it was not possible to prevent the conclusion that happened last night,"
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"All that Pakistan can do, we are doing to the best of our ability,"
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"Sincerely, we want friendship,"
"There were some vacant camps, and we got information they were being used, ... We are now going to occupy them."
"We are ready to discuss how Pakistan and India can create a stable South Asian security mechanism through a peaceful resolution of disputes, preservation of nuclear and conventional balance, confidence-building measures and non-use of force prescribed by the U.N. Charter,"
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We gave all the tents that the army had. We bought all that were in Pakistan. Now we are looking abroad, in the international community,"
"The talks have been held now. I want to tell you that in July or August, or God willing, in May or June, the next secretary-level talks will be held, immediately after the elections in India,"
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: God Quotes
"I have also made known our policy of restraint and responsibility,"

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