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Tim O'Malley Quotes

7 Tim O'Malley quotes:

"This gives us another race early in the season and plus, it's a great tradition with us and McBain. Overall, I thought both our teams did well today."
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"The reality of it is we had enough advance notice that it's been a seamless transition. The schools were prepared for it. The vendors and suppliers were prepared for it. There's been no feedback one way or the other."
Author: O'Malley Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"It's important to have those eyes and ears out there. It keeps it going, it keeps it alive. It keeps it in front of the public, keeps attention on the case and sends a very clear message to the families and others that law enforcement will never give up on these cases."
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"The existing technology is more than 100 years old, and it shows. Blood pressure monitoring was overdue for a major innovation, and Primo represents that innovation."
"The three Ks are always at the forefront in each race and it is nice to have them to count on for points."
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"With the 'Three Ks,' it is a guessing game to see who will take first each race. It is nice they have each other to challenge every race."
Author: O'Malley Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I really think if you take out the No. 15 and 16 teams in [Class AAAA], any of the other ones could probably win it."
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