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"Our team really hasn't faced much adversity at all this year, especially in the second half. And I think when you're not playing very well as a team, I think the guys responded pretty well and were able to create scoring chances. They kept at it in a tough rink to play in, and we got the tying goal and we were able to end up winning the game."
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"To go down 2-0 and claw our way back is a credit to this team's leadership and ability to not get rattled. I'm proud of the way they handled adversity."
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"It's a great environment for college hockey. Green Bay and Wisconsin has great fans that treated us with respect while we were here and when we left the ice."
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"The Red and White game is for [new players] to step out and show what they can do and then try to impress their new teammates and coaching staff."
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"Dan had a lot of injuries last season, and we hope he remains healthy this year because he could be one of the better defensemen in the league, ... Evan has improved defensively, and it is a brand new year for the guys on our defense."
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"Friday he had a couple of goals that he probably wishes he could have back,"
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"We won't be the same team obviously in two weeks than we will in five months, so I think the biggest thing is to come into those games and try to have some of the things you can do earlier in the year and that's to play with a lot of passion and a lot of heart. Those are kind of the overused terms in sports, but I think that there's a certain will that we're going to have to have to win games early on in the year."
"Both nights we scored early, but I thought Friday night we didn't come ready to compete and work as hard as we needed to work -- it's a whole different approach to the game."
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"Hopefully, all the puck luck they (Harvard) had will be used up. I was shocked with the score of that game."
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"Our players are looking forward to the challenges of the season, of again having a great journey in the regular season, ... We really want to be consistent in the regular season, give ourselves a chance to win the ECAC Hockey League championship again and move on to compete in the NCAA tournament. Our goals haven't changed at all from previous seasons."
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"We've lost two very durable and consistent hockey players that both have a great work ethic, ... Downs was very versatile and went up against the opponent's top line every night, and Cook did a great job providing offense, but we return six guys that played last year in some way shape or form."
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