John Gillis Quotes

5 John Gillis quotes:

"You certainly see that a lot of places like to attract those great teams and great players, with the opportunity to match them up."
Author: Gillis Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"they are coming with just the clothes on their back."
Author: Gillis Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"We have enough (money) to survive, ... But we still have to keep the (local Red Cross) chapter going."
Author: Gillis Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"When she delivered the money back to me, I looked at her like she should be in the hospital, ... She looked exhausted, sunburned, her hair was tussled and she had been hauling those kids around with her. But, altogether, she raised $500. She said it was just something she had to do."
Author: Gillis Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"She was out there a good three days, collecting door-to-door, ... There were a number of people who called in and turned her in. So I guess people were being quite vigilant. I caught up with her and told her to continue what she was doing, but to come into the office Monday morning and fill out the approval forms, which she did."
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