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"It's not a matter of being disappointed about the FA not taking action, more that we need clarification over their disciplinary process. There is a lot of puzzlement about how the system works, how it is conducted and how they reach their conclusions. All managers are confused about the situation."
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"We hope that this is the platform he can shine on because he has the ability, he has the temperament and he has the guts for it. But we could have a magnificent performance from Rooney and still not go through."
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"I am delighted the two clubs have come to an agreement. Nemanja is a quick, aggressive center-half and at 24 will be a terrific addition to the squad."
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"Quinton is doing a lot of running tonight but I'd have to think he's a doubt,"
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"We are waiting on John O'Shea who took a knock in the Blackburn game, ... There's no doubt we are better off in the forwards than the backs at the moment but we will cope."
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"The one serious doubt is Ruud. It's looking very doubtful for him at the moment,"
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"Evolution happens. There's no football team in the world has ever stayed together for time ever more."
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"The second goal was a great example for any young person who wants to get to the top. That was a fantastic work ethic."
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"Our second goal was a great example for any person who wants to get to the very top. Wayne has a fantastic work ethic. Today wasn't a great performance but we were determined in the defensive part of our game."
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"It was the players' idea and Alan deserved it. He showed unbelievable courage last week and it is that courage that convinces me he will be okay."
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"Everyone remembers Stuart Pearce as a determined, aggressive player, who played with great heart and enthusiasm that gave him a great career in the game,"
"At one point, I thought it might have ended up 20-20. But then common sense took over - or boring football took over,"
"It looked as if we were starting to control the match. We might have gone on to get a good result for ourselves. It certainly took away one of our best players."
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"Chelsea's consistency is beyond us. We want to be the nearest team to them, just in case they have a Devon Loch moment and collapse."
"Chelsea's consistency is beyond us."
"I wouldn't say Chelsea have raised the quality of their game but they have retained a great consistency. They are excellent defensively and do not care if they just grind out one-nil wins."
"My young players have to get consistency, but the bones of my team are sitting in the stand at the moment and are no use to us, so the young players have been carrying the mantle for weeks now, but they showed cool heads and lot of composure."
"If we can play like that every week we'll get some level of consistency."
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"The players are enjoying their football and playing with great determination and team spirit at the moment and it's important that we keep our consistency going."
"This is a reward for the perseverance and determination Ole has shown to come back from his injuries. He has not missed a training session since he returned and that must be really encouraging for him."

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