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4 Jack Bicknell quotes:

"Offense is such a game of execution and that's what we need to improve. It's a matter of executing in all areas. We have to bring it all together and I think we can do that."
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"They basically had the clothes on their back, and that was it. It's been a real tough week. ... It's not like it just goes away. It's not like it's over. It's not over at all; it continues to go on. The people are still here. They still need to be taken care of. There are just so many ramifications to it. It's just overwhelming."
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"Thank goodness his mom was OK. He couldn't just call down there, and he couldn't go down there (for several days)."
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"We have some guys that may not have been recruited as heavily because of the location of their high school or whatever, but these players are just as good. And some of them have already gotten bigger and better since we recruited them."
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