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"I would just like to say it is a great feeling, a great accomplishment by our team. I am very proud of them. A credit to the New Orleans Saints, they came in here under adverse circumstances, obviously, missing some key players and they competed greatly today. We hung in there and we earned our 11th victory. We look forward to continuing the season at home next week. I am really proud of our football team."
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"I'm really excited with our ability to make field goals. Hopefully that's a winning edge for us this season."
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"If he's ready to go, he'll play, ... All I can say is the doctors will let us know. Carnell's going to let us know."
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"He had to have his hand stitched together. I mean, jeez, calm down. Before the game, doctors were coming in there like something happened and he had to have his hand stitched up. I've heard it all, now."
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"It's not good. It has not been good at all, ... The penalties have hurt us and our lack of execution hasn't been nearly what it was a year ago. We have to get that thing going."
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"Everybody is an option. It's going to come down to good, solid execution. You've got to knock somebody off the ball when they pretty much know you're running it. That's what makes the game great."
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"He's a natural catcher. He has a great background returning punts in college, so obviously he has potential."
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"He's got to make some strides in terms of consistency. He's in a competitive situation. That's about as well as I can put it right now."
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"We're not going to let one defeat or two defeats or a negative road trip set us back from our goals. We realize this is a work in progress, this football team. We have a long way to get where we want to be,"
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"We've got a guy named Alstott that's been known to do some damage (in short yardage). We have some deception there too now with a couple of tight ends that can not only block but get down the field and do some things."
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"I'm pleased with where we are running the football and that's a start, ... There are some good signs, some physical signs that we could be a good running team."
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"I'm more concerned with Shelton's injury than I am concerned with Nate. Nate's a fine football player. He played a lot snaps for us last year -- not a lot of people know that,"
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"A guy who has that criteria and history of bringing his team from behind, the fourth-down play that he made on the touchdown, made us concerned with him. But our defense played very well."
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"I think we have beaten some pretty darn good football teams and have been fairly consistent throughout the year. We've got a talented defense. We have a good running game and we are looking forward to seeing what we can do. Every year there are dark horses that jump onto the scene."
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"They know this is an area that we've got to make dramatic improvement in. If this guy can come through or if it's Matt Bryant, so be it. So far, we like what we've seen out here in the last four or five days from both of them. But Todd France definitely stood out."
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"We noticed dramatic improvement during training camp. We had a number of backs go through the entire 1,800 to 2,000 plays with no fumbles. We've had two in the preseason games, but we don't want any. We have made dramatic strides in ball security."
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"You can't worry about instinct. You have to do what you feel is right at the time, do your homework and make the calls. You have to live with the calls you make and if your heart is in it, at least you feel good at the end of the night, no matter what happens."
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"He thought it would be best for him to sit the rest of the game and try to get right for next week, ... We don't really know the severity of this hamstring. It might just be a contusion of some kind. ... We're meeting with him at this time and I can't speculate publicly any more until Carnell and the doctors have had a chance to look at this further."
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"If you understand our salary cap, you have to be logical. If Barry Sanders , for instance, came out of retirement, if we were interested we probably couldn't get real interested. So you've got to temper your enthusiasm with the reality of our situation."
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"I don't know, I'd have to really look hard into the situation there. It's always a risk when you draft anybody. Some guys more than others."
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