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"That's one of the things about our style of play, we try to run it up-tempo. So if we get momentum, we get steals, we get a positive play or a run-out, we can score in a hurry. We can score quickly in bunches."
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"A lot of people thought we were dangerous but nobody thought we could win the whole thing. I could coach for the next 20-30 years and might never go through something like that again. It's an unforgettable team. I will never forget this team. I literally had tears in my eyes in the huddle (Sunday). It was so moving and magical and emotional."
"I think the double-bye is an advantage/disadvantage. This is not an excuse. Saint Peter's outplayed us and they deserved to win. Our guys played hard. But we didn't seem as sharp. I don't know if the week off hurt us."
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"There was so much electricity in the air, and it was so heated to start the game, (the officials) knew if they didn't calm things down, things could explode. That whistle determined a lot."
"I had tears in my eyes when Jason (Wingate) closed it out. We have a tradition here where the seniors get up before the last home game and Jason talked about how, when I recruited him, I promised him I would stay here during his career because he and his dad were afraid I'd get hot and leave."
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