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12 Brian Giorgis quotes:

"She has the ability to score from anywhere. She has a great shooting touch and can score from inside, 3-pointers, or just put it on the floor and take it to the basket."
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"I'm sure it will be an experience that will last their lifetime."
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"She brings a lot of energy, which is one thing that you like from a kid coming off the bench. She's like a microwave. She makes things happen. She's instant offense, she's instant defense, she's instant rebounding, which is something that you need."
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"I felt we had a good basketball team. To win 23 of our last 25 says a lot about the kids. They're not a team that quits."
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"I think our confidence is the result of how we've been playing. We're a much better offensive team this year. We're a much more diversified. But I think the biggest thing is, we're a lot deeper than we were last year. I think we kind of ran out of gas in the second game because we were playing seven people."
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"She's like a sixth starter. She's gotten to the point where she's playing with confidence."
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"Obviously we started slowly in the second half, it was disappointing, but their defense got after it. They're just a tremendous team. I thought we played a great game today. Obviously Georgia had too many weapons, they had such an inside presence with Humphrey."
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"Their Achilles' heel all year has been interior defense because they're pretty small. We got the ball in there early and often."
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"We don't have anybody to match up with Humphrey, as far as strength. She's just a tremendous player. This year, she's brought a three-point game with her that's just scary."
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"It's very special and I'm hoping that she's smiling up there. She'd be the type that would be listening."
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"You never know in the tournament. That's why they call it March Madness. Half of it is believing."
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"We'll make sure she's in shape for it. We're going to work on ball-handling drills, and we'll get her in the gym shooting as many shots as possible."
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