Stacy Gemeinhardt Quotes

5 Stacy Gemeinhardt quotes:

"Sometimes my pitching coach (Gary Hines) and myself are on different pages. He was a pitcher, so he likes to let them work through a few more things than I probably do. She threw really well, especially after giving up some early runs."
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"She's kept us in a lot of games. She threw a great game against Houston that we lost, 2-0. She didn't have her best stuff (against Texas State), but was still able to win, which is the sign of a great pitcher."
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"(The double play) happened because of a mistake, but that's still never giving up and always making sure the play is over and making the play if its there."
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"I thought we played not good at all for the most part. We made mistakes, and they were big ones. If you do that, you're going to lose, and that's what happened."
"That's just something we need to work on. We talked about it at practice (Tuesday) and we need to make sure that we're getting better."

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