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Jamar Wilson Quotes

9 Jamar Wilson quotes:

"I think that we made history obviously for this program, for our first year in the NCAA tournament, and I think that people are starting to realize that we can play basketball."
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"It's a dream. Games like this, everything on the line, you have to give it your all. Everyone came out and gave it their all today. This year's been especially hard. We had a target on our backs, and it's harder to play with a target on your back sometimes, when teams have nothing to lose."
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"He knows I love him no matter what. He doesn't use negative comments. But he's a real motivator, and sometimes he doesn't do it in a positive way just so he can get a reaction from you."
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"I'd be a fool if I said I wasn't looking at the clock every couple of seconds. But we played really hard. I was just excited to be in this position. Obviously it hurts to lose, we're all sore losers. But they have five NBA players on their team, they were bigger than us at every spot."
"I'd be a fool if I said I didn't look at the clock every couple of seconds."
"I got that last year. All I said was 'If you really want to be here, coach is going to be here.' There's nothing on paper, but I knew he was going to be here."
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"Binghamton is not a real big fan of playing zone. As you've seen in past years, (Walker) is a rough-nosed coach and he likes to play a lot of man and dig into you."
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"It feels like a sports school, and that's what we're trying to make it."
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"I'd be a fool to say I wasn't looking at the clock every couple seconds."

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