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"Not in my mind. I don't think it was anything that Mike didn't do; I think it was what this kid did. I know Mike won't agree with it, but Greg's better. He's younger, a little more athletic, snaps the ball a tad bit quicker. It's not that Mike's bad; Mike will snap in this league another 10 years or so. I just think this guy's better."
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"(Running back) Willie (Parker) is a guy we want to look at. (Wide receiver) Cedrick (Wilson), that was something he did really well with the 49ers, but we gotta wait and see how that deal straightens out."
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"If I was the opposing coach and they had a rookie long-snapper, I'd try to test him, try to isolate him, try to take his help a little farther away from him and see what he's made of,"
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"Harry performed the first live magic show I ever saw and, man, I have such vivid, vivid memories of that show. It was incredible, and I'd never seen anything on that scale until I saw that performance. Seeing that show really solidified that this was what I wanted to do. I didn't run out and start putting on huge shows, but what I learned from him is that you grow into who you are."
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"It's a great way to do therapy without knowing it. When you teach something to these kids that a normal developed person can't do, it has a tremendous boot to their self-esteem."
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"When you look, there's really no other space for the firefighters themselves."
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"You look around with what's going on now, the school, the Northfield firehouse, budget cutting-we really don't get a lot from the town. [We] really had to go and do it on our own."
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"With the fire department and all the activities we have to do, with training and answering calls, there wasn't enough left to do the fund-raising. Our membership has picked up a lot in the last year and there are a lot of new members interested in doing fund-raising activities. It's a lot of work, but I think we have a good group of active folks."
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