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Joe Vitt Quotes

8 Joe Vitt quotes:

"He's going to be held accountable. I believe this in my heart: to holler, scream and demean and all those things does anybody no good. He knows he was wrong, he doesn't want to be wrong and he'll work hard to get better."
Author: Vitt Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"I think he had 12 plays. Goal line, and at the end of the game when they were running the clock out."
Author: Vitt Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"It was our playoff game. We played hard-nosed physical football in front of a nationally televised audience against a good team, and I think it's a glimpse of what we could be."
Author: Vitt Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"The guys played with a lot of passion. They practiced well the last four weeks and had nothing to show for it. I'm proud that they got this win."
Author: Vitt Quotes Category: Passion Quotes
"There is no question. It's a point of pride for the players, for the coaches, for our families. When a man's butt hits the ground, a man better get back up again. We were kicked down last week, and we've got to rise."
Author: Vitt Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"This is not a dink and dunk offense when he drops back. He has a strong arm and good vision."
Author: Vitt Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"And it just so happens that I was put into the position of interim head coach, and everybody knows about it."
Author: Vitt Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"He's a great supporter of our players, the organization - really a good guy. He's a fighter. He's fighting for his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with him right now."

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