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"Tell them to get over it. That's the rules everybody plays by. They shouldn't be complaining about that. Bowden didn't make them up. Paterno didn't make them up. But somebody made them up."
"The program slipped after he left, but Coach Nugent was the one who first showed everyone what could be done at Florida State."
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"When you look at naming the father of Florida State football, it should be Tom Nugent, and I say that without any disrespect for Coach (Bobby) Bowden. In his thinking as a coach, Tom Nugent was ahead of his time, and I mean light years ahead of everybody."
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"I said it three or four times during the season. They were the most complete football team in the nation. They were better all-around than Southern Cal. I didn't care how many points Southern Cal averaged."
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"Tyrone Willingham will do a tremendous job, ... He will represent the school the way it should be represented. Washington is not a good job right now, it's a lousy job. He wouldn't be there if it was a good job. He could build that into a good program. He can do it, and he'll do it the right way."
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"They smacked that Oklahoma team (for the national title) in what was the single most impressive one-game performance I've ever seen."
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