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"We're more organized this year. Last year we didn't know who was the head coach until the last minute. This year we've had more time to prepare. I hope all the runners have a lot more fundamentals and more training. I hope they're more efficient runners this year."
"It was the first time I've ever seen Will race. I think they'll both keep getting better as the season goes on."
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"Reform is born of need, not pity. No vital movement of the people has worked down, for good or evil; fermented, instead, carried up the heaving, cloggy mass."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Evil Quotes
"There's a lot of stuff to do here, activities like sports or outdoor stuff."
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"Nowhere in this country, from sea to sea, does nature comfort us with such assurance of plenty, such rich and tranquil beauty as in those unsung, unpainted hills of Pennsylvania."
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