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"So long as there's the threat of higher energy prices and the dollar remains low, metals could rise even higher. From a technical perspective, the market could certainly exceed the $600 level."
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"If they couldn't make good on some coffee contracts, prices might go up."
Author: Quinn Quotes Category: Coffee Quotes
"When the market failed to hold $13, I think it shook some confidence in the market a little bit."
Author: Quinn Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"We're seeing price swings that we haven't seen in decades. We used to see a $6 range in gold over a week, and now we see it in a single day. The gold market is really going to be in play over the course of the year."
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"Because of online streaming, our members can offer live betting while the game is in progress. You could bet on whether a team is going to score, get fouled or turn the ball over during a possession, whether or not the shooter will make or miss his free throws, or just bet the line at the end of quarter, the half or the game. It's unbelievable what we can do now and it only takes nine-tenths of a second."
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