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12 Dave Dombrowski quotes:

"It's an inexact science. That's why you need to have a system that's consistently producing good prospects."
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"When we first got married, baseball wasn't her favorite sport."
"He's got that hop in his step, the passion back. I think everyone knows who's in charge at this point."
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"I don't think it takes long for somebody to be impressed with Jim Leyland and his knowledge of the game. He knows what he wants to accomplish, and he's done it so many times. He's a great communicator. The players like him."
"The Central might be the best now. But that's potentially a good thing for a team that's trying to develop a consistency day in and day out."
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"He's always been a very highly touted individual, a guy that still has a lot of ability. It really comes down at some point to you have to put it together on the field."
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"I'm sure that both sports offer their own unique challenges when developing young talent. But I think baseball is more of a crapshoot because you're generally looking at a longer time frame in the maturation process of a young prospect."
"The decision to name one of the top managers in the game of baseball in recent time, to bring him back to this organization, is a very big day for our franchise."
"I don't have any steadfast rule. I think it's more of a generality. I think in Mike's case, he's a guy who expressed a desire to have a multiyear deal. Based upon his past performance, we were open-minded to it."
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"The No. 1 key for our club is health because if we can keep our everyday players on the field, we'll score runs. We have the capability to have a solid pitching staff, especially with the additions of Kenny Rogers, Todd Jones and our two young pitchers."
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"We're extremely pleased to have a person of his makeup and his ability to bolster the bullpen."
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"He's an outstanding manager, one of the best in baseball."

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