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"I don?t think she deserved any more than that, but it?s certainly beneath her ability. So, hopefully, she takes it as kind of an incentive to want to do more, want to be recognized for being better than that."
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"At this time of year, everything is about confidence. About your ability to make the play that needs to be made at the time it needs to be made. That's everything at this time of year. And the bottom line is, if you have those guys that make those plays, you win."
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"My hope is that sometime in the next 24 hours, we play as close to our ability as we can. I wouldn't be at all disappointed if around 11:30 [Tuesday night], I'm saying that's the best game we played all year. That would be pretty good. Right now, we need to play one of the best games we've played."
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"I just put it up on the board. The look in their eyes, I don't know what they thought it was going to be, given how they played. But sometimes when you see it ... I don't think there was any more I had to say after that. I think there comes a point where a kid looks at themselves and says, this is what I have to do or I'm not going to be able to help in any way."
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"Nerves are not an issue. To me, Ann Strother is a perfect example of someone who came in here as a freshman and was never afraid to take the big shot, to have the ball in crucial situations. Some kids are just different and they have it in them. She does."
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"It?s just so overwhelming because as a kid you go to the Hall of Fame, you look around and you read everything and you just never imagine seeing your picture or your stuff right there. It probably won?t really, really hit me until induction weekend, when it?s going to be unbelievable probably."
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"I believe the way the game played out at Rutgers really stung them like nothing ever did before. I think there was a tremendous amount of soul searching and really trying to come to grips with who we are and what our strengths are and what our faults are and what we need to do."
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"The new contract is a reflection of the university's commitment to me and my commitment to the university."
"Right now, it seems like Will has made a commitment to herself to be one of the better players at her position in our league. And certainly it's not beyond the realm of possibilities for will. If you think about it, she's got all the ingredients."
"You're going to do a lot of amazing things in college, ... It'll be a shame if no one sees you do them."
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"We have won some big games on the road against some good teams, which has given the group the confidence that you need to play in these games. I don?t know that we went in feeling like we were good enough to win this thing last year. I think maybe we thought we were, but I?m not sure we really believed it."
"We played pretty good defense and took good care of the ball and got people involved in offense that we wanted to get involved. We got the right shot at the right time. We accomplished a lot."
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"I remember saying that. It was right around the baseball playoffs. I always thought it was pretty cool how a manager would send a pitcher ahead to the next city to wait for his team. I wanted to give Will the opportunity to do that. Why sit around for five months doing nothing? I figured she could be up there scouting out the hotels and restaurants and sightseeing tours for us."
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"When you lose this game, there's nothing worse. There's nothing worse because this is the game that gets you to the place where all good things can happen. This is the hardest hurdle to get over, because you need 12 more months then to get back here and you didn't put yourself in a position to win the national championship."
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"I'm not sure what happened. Something clicked. Renee has a habit of doing that. She looks kind of lost and not sure and then she looks like the best guard in the country."
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"I can't tell you how many times I've been offered jobs in that league that no one ever knew about. I can't tell you how many times I've talked to people seriously about jobs in that league. This one just happened to make it to that point ... to the newspapers."
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"I think we have a reputation of being a really good NCAA tournament team. There does seem to be a little more of an edge to our game, a little more of a focus. I don't think we get up tight. I see teams that get very, very tentative and tense at tournament time and I don't see us being like that generally. I think our approach as a coaching staff is pretty laid back. We want to reward our kids for a great season."
"I think players sometimes don?t understand fully the amount of responsibility on their shoulders. As a senior, you have to take on that responsibility every day -- practice, games, travel, locker room, you name it. I think in the Big East tournament, they really, really, really did that. They took it to heart and made sure all the little things that lead to winning were taken care of. I really admire them for that."
"When you get to be a senior, a certain amount of responsibility falls on your shoulders, like all of it. Everything that happens on our team, you're responsible for it and you can't not take responsibility for it just because you're not playing. ... I think (Turner) understands that now and she was really different the last couple of days in practice."
"I think there's been a lot of progress made and I can usually tell by where the ball ends up. Like does the ball end up in the right player's hand and what's going on in that possession."
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