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Bus Cook Quotes

5 Bus Cook quotes:

"They've instructed him to work out somewhere else other than their facility."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"There's only one Brett - thank goodness - but they have a lot of (the same) characteristics. They both played in college at small schools. They pretty much carried their teams on their shoulders. They overcame a lot of deficiencies that the teams might have had. They're both winners, competitors. Tough, smart. There are a lot of similarities."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: College Quotes
"Once they don't exercise that option, their cap number is out the roof. If they want to carry that big number through free agency, that is their choice."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"All I know is Steve is a starter and he is one of the best quarterbacks in football. And if the Titans do in fact draft a new quarterback and they want Steve to stay around and be a mentor to him, then he needs to have a long-term deal. Otherwise it doesn't make sense for him to stay around."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"I understand them feeling like (if) he is going to get hurt on their property they are going to have to pay him. But it's the same thing with every player on that roster. A $3 million player is going to get hurt just as easily as a $9 million player, and they have to pay him if he gets hurt."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes

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