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Jay Sparks Quotes

9 Jay Sparks quotes:

"We broke down all our games and, minus two of them, we had a shot to win seven of them. This would be eight. I thought we had a shot to win, but in the second half we'd get one-shot-and-out and we couldn't answer them."
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"Human nature says we can relax, that they aren't fully loaded. That relaxation is not a bad thing, but it kind of deteriorates the focus aspect of the game."
"I just don't think our girls, offensively, are playing with a whole lot of confidence, so it puts a burden on all of them and us as coaches to know who to throw it to that might make a shot."
Author: Sparks Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"They are a very good basketball team and we knew that coming in. They deserved to win this game because they did everything they needed to do to win. We didn't do that... . They were at least 23 points better than us tonight, if not more."
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"I think we've made nice progress, but it's going to be interesting to see if we lose any of the progress that we've made because of the long layoff. Nobody really knows. ... It's sort of like starting over. They just start over with a little bit more knowledge of what's going on."
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"I think what we hope what we're going to get from that game is individual confidence for our players, where they think they can contribute to our success. I think that right there is maybe the most important dynamic for our team at this point."
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"The play was destroyed when Erica lost control of the ball, and she had to pitch it back. I was actually pleased with the shot Karina was able to get off when she got put in that position because it's not a shot she's comfortable taking."
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"We don't have the ability to concentrate for any amount of time. When you don't have that, you have games like we had tonight. If you look back over the season, we've had a lot of lulls like that."
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"As an athletic department staff member, he is so loyal and so committed -- not just to men's or women's basketball, but to the whole program. He's not been able to give to the whole athletic program like he would have liked to and so I think the most obvious change you'll see is his attention to some of the sports that he has not been able to really commit to."
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