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Marc Freedman Quotes

9 Marc Freedman quotes:

"Parents usually plan for the expense of college but forget about the discretionary cost during the nine-month period when the child is away."
Author: Freedman Quotes Category: College Quotes
"This investment is generally recommended for higher-income tax brackets,"
Author: Freedman Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"We're about to invent a new stage of life."
Author: Freedman Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"If you're trying to qualify for the Roth conversion IRA, you might ask your employer to defer paying you in December if you're on the cusp, ... At a reasonable company they can work that in."
Author: Freedman Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"The money you inherit will come to you tax-free. Let that money be the money that funds education costs,"
Author: Freedman Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"Increasing the minimum wage is a bad move economically, philosophically and politically."
"A lot of employers … are never going to see an OSHA inspector, and that fear is never going to motivate them. I'm not convinced employers look at the OSHA citation situation in deciding whether they're going to do the right thing in protecting their employees."
Author: Freedman Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"This investment is generally recommended for higher-income tax brackets."
Author: Freedman Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"The difficult parts is that the (middle-aged kids) feel they are put in a position where they have to make decisions for themselves and their older parents, yet it's difficult to understand the feelings and emotional worries that the older generation might have faced,"
Author: Freedman Quotes Category: Kids Quotes

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