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10 Rocky Long quotes:

"We wanted to take seven to nine players from the junior-college level. The only drawback is that we wanted them here at mid-term (so they could participate in spring practice). A couple of them won?t be here until after the spring semester."
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"They want to be able to check on football players because they don't trust us. I don't think it's that big a deal for us because - I hate to say it and ruin our streak - but we haven't had a positive steroids test in eight years."
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"I think we've got it worked out, and they'll be able to come, but it might not happen. We hope they'll be here, but you can't deny them the opportunity to play in a bowl game. It's too important to their future."
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"If he does anything else similar, he probably won't be on this football team."
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"We're not giving up on the spread, but we're not afraid to use our old two-tailback set if our guys aren't producing."
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"Of course, all 5,000 coaches at this conference are all looking for better jobs and better pay. But at this point, no one on our staff has interviewed with anyone else."
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"We've got a game plan that we're comfortable with, but the rest is up to the players. It's up to them to step up and find a way to handle Missouri's offense."
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"You wouldn't have guessed that, but since we copied Utah's offense, the quarterback has become an extra running back and the running back gets to be an extra blocker. We know how hard it is to defense because we can't defend the people who run it."
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"Brad Smith is about as dangerous quarterback as you can get running the spread offense."
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"We're at the mercy of TV. You want to be on TV."
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