Paul Swangard Quotes

5 Paul Swangard quotes:

"There are still categories that are probably not going to want to attach their name to Kobe. Family-consumer brands like McDonald's and Sprite are probably still a little reticent to come back into the fold."
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"That helps from a budget-planning perspective and brings expertise to the college level that professional sports teams have had in-house for decades."
Author: Swangard Quotes Category: College Quotes
"I don't know if we'd call this a renaissance, but I think he's certainly coming back to life both on and off the court. He may never get back to where his potential was two or three years ago, but there was always the sense that he could rebuild some of that equity. ... It's clear he's well on his way."
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"Clearly in an era in which most athletic departments are told to be self-sufficient, they should look more like the way a business is structured."
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"Bush has the opportunity with the national championship game to have an unrivaled platform. If he does use that as his starting point into the professional ranks, he's got a stage. And to have somebody giving him good advice about using that stage accordingly and acting appropriately is not uncommon."

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