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"The cost pressures on businesses slowed in February, which is a good thing, given that the ability to pass the higher expenses through to consumers remains limited. But a careful reading of the details paints a troublesome picture."
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"The new Fed chair will be tested right off the bat. The economy is slowing, though clearly not as rapidly as the headline number would have you think. ...At the same time, inflation is slowly accelerating."
"Price pressures are building generally throughout the economy."
"They (consumers) are largely tapped out. When interest rates start to go up, the perception of the economy goes down for average consumers."
"Energy costs have been so high for so long that businesses aren't confident anymore that they'll fall or fall significantly, ... It's made them look toward trying to push through some smaller price increases."
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"The worries created by the high energy costs are affecting not only pricing decisions but hiring as well. If there is uncertainty about consumer spending, then it has to translate into a slowing in hiring."
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"Energy prices are about to leave the solar system, but where is all the other inflation?"
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"With consumers spending a little less and business investment likely to slow, that will translate to a bit slower growth for factories."
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"In spite of the good current news, there remains a fair amount of caution."
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"There is no inflation, unless you drive a vehicle, heat your home, use medical services, have a child in college, use cable, insure anything or smoke."
"Manufacturing has been solid and continues to be so. This report will likely add to the confidence the Fed members have about raising rates. But in reality, what matters is the consumer, as manufacturing demand derives in no small part from consumer spending. That is still an issue."
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"Energy costs are off but still high and everywhere else prices are rising. Inflation is not out of control, but it is not tame either."
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"The rising mortgage rates have pushed us to a new record home-sales level, but once the fence sitters are all down, things could change,"
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"They're faced with what is probably a moderation in growth, but a slow acceleration in inflation. The question is, where does inflation go from here? I think that will be the driving factor, because I don't think growth is going to stay this slow."
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"Trade will be restraining growth."
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"The underlying trend looks to still be in the 200,000 (jobs per month) range, ... And if that is correct, conditions are okay, really."
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"While wages didn't rise exceedingly rapidly, the low (jobless) rate is a warning that labor costs are probably going to increase further."
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"The report was surprisingly weak and highlights the reality that, until forced to do so by ever-increasing demand, firms will not commit to new workers,"
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"The trade deficit may have narrowed in February but it is hardly clear that this is the start of a long downward trend."
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"The Fed will not shift its bias. Retail sales numbers for August, which they'll have in hand by the time of the meeting, will be pretty solid, so they will be facing essentially the same thing they've been facing for a while now -- the fundamentals are not that bad, but the stock market is,"
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