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Kevin Taylor Quotes

9 Kevin Taylor quotes:

"Being a bouncer gives you the freedom to take your [out] pain on somebody else, ... We [bouncers] have the responsibility to detain unruly people from hurting others, and if that means getting an extra punch in, so be it."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes Club Quotes
"I've tried other jobs, ... But I am having too much fun."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"[They] left a very important component at the airport which is still in my possession which can affect its safety in flight. In fact, flying the aircraft without that particular device could really hurt a person very badly when they land."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"College will be a growing experience for me beyond academics and classes. Everyone here is older. We're adults. Everyone is forced to be mature. Nobody is going to hold your hand like they did in high school."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: College Quotes
"After a thorough analysis of our environment, we recognized that we could significantly cut costs and increase productivity for our 18,400 employees by replacing it with Microsoft's integrated collaboration solution."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The hurt is the same, but here the people are gone, ... In New York, you could see the hurt on the people's faces. Here, there are no faces. It's abandoned. Compared to Sept. 11, the scale is huge. Just the smell of it, the damage that the water does, it's amazing."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"It's fun to bring a big statewide event to our local area. The locals get to share the park with some of Montana's best riders."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"One night a girl handed me an ID with the name Megan Jones,"
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"To celebrate this momentous occasion and thank our customers, we wanted to put together an entertainment package that went beyond our daily Jet 7 offering. We have prepared special activities that will have everyone in the mood to party!"

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