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"We're obviously trying to create a competitive environment. We'll continue to explore moves that make sense for us now and going forward."
"It's hard to say. I think we've created a competitive environment, and we'll go into camp and see who can help us win the most games."
"We're trying to create a competitive environment in spring training. We think Russ adds to that. We're excited to get him into camp, and we'll see how it develops."
"People forget how young he is. Had he gone to college, he would have been drafted last June and played for only three months. He's healthy and he has the arsenal. We are confident."
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"We think this transaction addresses our desire to add starting pitching depth to our organization."
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"Basically his desire now is to make the best of the rest of his life."
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"We think this transaction addresses our desire to add starting pitching depth to our organization. We're going to be patient with the development of (Jackson and Tiffany). Both of them are quality arms that we've identified and talked about for a while now. As far as assignments, we'll get them into camp and let them compete, and see what's the best place to continue their development. It's a little early for us to comment on that."
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"Decisions have not been made."
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"We're confident we'll see him pitch in a Devil Rays uniform."
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"We'll continue talks with [them]. This doesn't necessarily shut the door on their future with the Rays."
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"It's better to go with one closer. But you can't force the situation one way or the other. It all depends on your personnel. Looking at our bullpen, it appears that we have a deeper, more diversified bullpen this year."
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"With hamstring injuries, it's hard to predict. We talked to Rocco this morning and what we said is, 'Let's not set a firm date. Let's do it when you feel good.' We don't want him to keep targeting some specific date."
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"We think that we're going to become intimately involved with the arbitration process given the nature of how young our roster is. The intent of the hearing is to solve differences that can't be resolved through negotiations. It's not ideal for the team or the player, but sometimes it's necessary."
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"Convoys are the scariest and most high-risk activity a soldier can participate in. You never know when there is going to be a bomb alongside you or even under your vehicle, ... Also, the guns used in combat in Iraq don't create the kind of wounds a street gun might in America. These guns fire at a much higher velocity, creating a lot more damage."
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"We're getting really close to obtaining the support we need."
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"It doesn't make sense for us to make a trade unless we get a piece or two back to add to our collection of young talent. If we don't get that piece or two, it behooves us to keep the momentum we built in the second half with our young players and build off that."
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"He's a tremendous talent and I would never bet against him."
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"We are very committed to helping his assimilation to the American society. We feel that the less of that stuff he can worry about the more he can concentrate on his pitching. We're trying to put him in the best position to succeed at the major-league level."
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"He's been invaluable in our discussions and our planning going forward, and the working relationship has been outstanding."
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