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"I think it's a tremendous accomplishment. I made it clear to the guys after the fact,"
"Possibly the thing he has that is most unique is his ability to make unbelievable cuts at top speed, that he doesn't have to gather to do those things."
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"I have not changed one bit since I've been here. There is a way to have great discipline, and have great intensity and have people compete on a level that is hard to match and enjoy every minute of it."
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"(The doctors) know the results of the MRI. There's definitely something there (on the MRI), that's why we're being very cautious and taking our time. They need to see how it responds and see how soon he can come back and if he does or he doesn't (need surgery)."
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"It went really well. The doctors made a point that it was something that they had to do."
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"When you first look at their team, you can't see anything but him. He's a fantastic player. Your eyes are drawn to him."
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"That was so much fun. That was so exciting. It was very dramatic. For an energy junkie like myself, it can't get any better. It was a wonderful day for college football. Something I'll never forget."
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"We didn't have a very big crowd, and there wasn't much enthusiasm about our opener. But we got off to a good start, and we got a win, but we had to savor it because we didn't get another one for a long time."
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"It's in keeping with the family aspect of our program. You just don't do it when it's convenient. Family is always family."
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"It?s kids, it?s family, it?s football . . . it?s just fun."
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"They know that they're worked in a fashion that makes them prepare well and perform well. They're into it. They do anything we ask them to do. They deserve to have a great time doing it everyday."
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"They have really put it together in great fashion and we owe a tremendous amount to that which they have done and what they have accomplished to set things in motion. It's a remarkable number of wins for any group ever. I can't wait to see them all graduate, finish up and get out of here."
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"We didn't expect it to be this easy, but the game went our way from the beginning. I was a little surprised."
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"Absolutely, heck yeah. We're counting on that competition."
"A lot of players will be battling for playing time in the secondary and the competition will continue into the fall."
"What Coach Wooden did was so special."
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"Every coach talks about turnovers, but it's how deeply you emphasize it is where you get consistency. Our guys are riddled with the thought of having to go get the ball at all times in everything that we're doing. It's the number one emphasis in the program for us."
"I've got so much control and call every shot. I haven't changed my outlook on that at all. You know, to do something like I like to do it, you've got to do it over a long period of time. That's why this is a cherished moment for me in my coaching career. I'm right in the middle of something really special, and I can see it, it's very clear."
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"One of the keys to finding consistency is not being knocked any which way by the hype and the buildup. We've found a way of dealing with that and ... taking our best preparation into the big game."
"(UA) played really hard, and they had a very good defense, ... Their scheme is very solid. They know how to mix their looks and their pressures. They came after us and were really effective. We respect the heck out of what they are doing and what they are capable of doing."
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