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Sheryl Garrett Quotes

7 Sheryl Garrett quotes:

"Many young couples are so busy being romantic that they forget to talk about anything practical like personal finance. Money isn't a romantic subject, but marriage should be seen as entering into a financial as well as a romantic partnership."
Author: Garrett Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"There's nothing finite or tangible about an electronic transfer or use of a credit card. We don't feel the pain of parting with our cash, but we still get the high from making a purchase."
Author: Garrett Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"There are about 1,100 laws that apply only to married couples that more than make up for the marriage penalty."
Author: Garrett Quotes Category: Marriage Quotes
"This way, both spouses are kept in the loop, and there are no secrets. There's no blame, no shame. It's taking your financial pulse: Did we meet our goals? What can be done better? You don't want to beat each other up--you want to make the finances work better."
Author: Garrett Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"The president of the college is suspended since Aug. 24 and I don't have a communication from the school?"
Author: Garrett Quotes Category: College Quotes
"A good family-law attorney or a good certified divorce financial analyst or certified financial planner is going to help you measure the value of the asset you think you want to keep."
Author: Garrett Quotes Category: Divorce Quotes
"Partnerships between industry and education are so very important in the lives of our youth. With this program, students will have a wonderful opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience in careers pertaining to the automotive industry."
Author: Garrett Quotes Category: Education Quotes

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