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"Administrators have said they want to increase services for students not hire more faculty. But having qualified, full-time teachers in the classroom is a service it's the very heart of our education system."
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"What we're seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. Last year, college presidents made it clear to the Ontario government that at least $150 million in additional funding was required for the current year just to stop the steady decline in quality. Yet colleges received $50 million less than required just to maintain the status quo, never mind making improvements."
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"We've heard reports of students meeting with their instructors on the subway as their teachers dash off to other jobs. How can we claim to provide a quality education when faculty members often have neither an office nor a desk?"
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"Furthermore, like any legislation, before becoming law back-to-work legislation must go through three readings in the Ontario Legislative Assembly, not to mention possible committee hearings. Given that Thursday is Budget Day this option can only prolong the strike and keep students out of their classes unnecessarily."
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