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26 Mack Strong quotes:

"The winning makes it a lot more fun. I've been through some lean seasons. Winning makes it a lot easier. You can see it in practice."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"I'm just trying to soak up every moment that I can and just really savor it. Just writing in a little journal that I have -- for myself, for the future and for my kids. Just so that I will remember this incredible experience."
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"They do a great job of bringing them. They corner blitz, they bring the safety, they bring linebackers. So you have to be ready on almost every play that they're going to bring somebody."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"You know, we've been an underdog all year long. And that's fine. I don't worry about the odds-makers and all that stuff. Nobody even gave us a chance near the end of the season, after we ran off 11 straight games, that we would even play for the NFC Championship, let alone the Super Bowl."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"I believe it's a real thing. It encourages you. It fires you up."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"We knew what we had to get done. We knew the things that had plagued us in the past were turnovers, penalties and not making the plays when we had the opportunity. We were a lot more focused today. That starts with Mike and Matt."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"We are not there yet. We still have a lot of work to do."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"No doubt, we have to get No. 37 back. Whatever we have to do, (we have) to find a way to get him back and healthy in the lineup and ready to play next week."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"There is nobody else in the game who does the things Walter does. He's just a freak of nature. But for the rest of us humans, we still get our jobs done. I mean, the quality of the players that we have playing on that front five is just amazing."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"It seems to be our year. We have an opportunity to do something very special in this city."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"It is kind of comical. It's kind of like a sitcom. I know in years past whenever I've seen things like this happen I feel like someone staged this, somebody put these guys up to do this."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"This will probably be one of the most physical football games that has ever been. Pittsburgh's reputation speaks for itself, and people seemingly don't know a whole lot about us, but we're a pretty physical team as well."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"Just things that I've never experienced in my life."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"He's been running like a man on a mission this year. Every week, he's performed. He's a big reason why we have the bye this week and are moving on to the second round of the playoffs."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"There have been a lot of tough years, a lot of challenging times and obstacles to overcome. But we're here."
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"I think a lot of things that plagued us in the past, where we definitely had some off-the-field issues ... I think the fact that we eliminated a lot of that stuff, and we don't worry about who gets the credit, that's made all the difference in the world."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"I think not having to worry about contract talks and all that stuff has helped him because he can really focus all of his efforts on coaching. Obviously, you see the benefit it's had for our team."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"His ability to get into the end zone is what impresses me most. He has a rare knack for that. Few players in history have gotten into the end zone as much as he does."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"Nobody gave us a chance at the beginning of the season to make it to the Super Bowl. Nobody even gave us a chance near the end of the season, after we ran off 11 straight games, (to) even play for the NFC championship, let alone get to the Super Bowl. I feel like that's a sentiment we've had to overcome all year. Each time we've overcome that challenge, and I feel like we'll do the same this time."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"I can't wait until next week. I just feel like we're a team of destiny. This is a year of destiny and we knew if we came out here and played together as a team we would find a way to win."
Author: Strong Quotes Category: Destiny Quotes

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