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4 Carter Bays quotes:

"We sort of look at our years at 'Letterman' as comedy grad school. I don't mind seeing jokes and hearing the laugh track because that was our bread and butter for a long time, just making an audience laugh ... There's no better feeling than having a crowd there and hearing a laugh."
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"But they've been fearless about it. There hasn't been a moment of doubt or a suggestion to make it more traditional. We have no 'indignant writer' stories to tell."
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"I went through periods where you're just sort of writing things that are supposed to be funny and things that look like a sitcom. Now we're writing about real life and things that we care about. That's one of the things that a lot of these new shows have in common, like Everybody Hates Chris -- he's writing about his life."
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"Great, now we've blown the series finale."
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