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"Tim told me that the car had to be done by July 2 for John's class reunion. That gave me 47 calendar days to restore the car from bare frame to a completed car. Let me tell you, there were days that I didn't think it was going to happen."
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"Nice rooms, but there's not enough seats inside them. You can only have two people at a time."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: People Quotes
"People love wine with bubbles, it makes the wine come alive."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"You can't come in and out of the school, with the locked doors and security, and not be affected. It's a shame these people had to go through that. It makes your jaw drop to hear the story. I can't imagine what these people went through and you kind of look at all the kids and you feel bad for what happened."
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"The names reflect the Australian character. We're fairly relaxed and down to earth. We have the ability not to take ourselves to seriously as an advantage. We're competitive in business and sporting arenas, but we also like to enjoy life and not get bogged down in the rhetoric of wine snobbery."
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"It was fun naming the holes and I had some help, ... Some of the names were submitted by the public as possible names for the course. We didn't choose one of those, but we kept them and used some to name holes."
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"There were many days that I worked late into the night to get that car finished in time, ... but at 5 p.m. on July 1, the car was started, tuned, and John drove it home. We had worked over 480 man-hours, but it was all worth it to see the smile on John's face. To work on a car like this is a dream."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"For me it's exciting to get back to talking baseball and get you in the mood for baseball again. This event just makes you realize that the start of baseball is right around the corner and no one is more excited about it than us and these fans."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes
"All the kids came over, and their eyes were wide. It was pretty cool. They wanted to see how he does his work, his bullpen routine. It was a great chance for them to watch him."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"He's pretty good. It's going to be fun to watch him progress."
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"It's really amazing to see the types of questions that these young kids come up with."
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"In all the times I saw him play, I never saw him hit a ball out of bounds. He was an excellent putter and he almost always wore a white shirt."
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"Alice ... girls' night out, set in the audience of a Chippendale dancers performance."
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"I've been ordering clothes, most with the Red Tail Run logo."
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"He's pretty good, ... It's going to be fun to watch him progress."
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"He pitched non-aggressive and it wasn't fun to watch for two innings. Then he started using his fastball and got back to being Jo. I don't know who was out there for two innings."
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"I don't know who was out there for the first two innings. He wasn't fun to watch. Then he started throwing his fastball, and he got back to being Jo."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Yes, for most people the spring stats can fool you. But watching the way he's throwing the ball, he's backed off and pitched, not thrown. He's more letting the pitches work for him and letting the ball move for him and locating. He's not trying to overthrow or overpower hitters, but just make his pitches and have them put the ball in play."
"That was probably one of my biggest jobs ? keeping them quiet. Yeah, it was frustrating for everyone."
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"Everyone in the rotation looked like they were pressing, trying to do way more than what they're capable of. That's what I wanted to address."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Trying Quotes

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