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Michelle Bachelet Quotes

12 Michelle Bachelet quotes:

"Chile needs to unite behind the goals of reducing poverty and creating more equal opportunities so that everyone can benefit from what the country has to offer."
Author: Bachelet Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"The priority for my government is that there will be development for everyone, equally."
"We want a more prosperous, more just, more equal, more inclusive future. I shall keep my word. I shall tell you what I think and I shall do what I say. I give you my word as a woman."
Author: Bachelet Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"My commitment will be to travel with you on yet another stretch of this great promenade of freedom we have been opening."
"Chile has taken an enormous step in creating a country by everyone and for everyone. My commitment is we will work in every possible way without rest very close to all of you."
"Together we recovered democracy for Chile. Now I invite you to be a part of another historic moment by electing Chile's first ever woman president. Let's make history."
Author: Bachelet Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"We will continue to do well what we have been doing well, maintaining a stable economy."
"Who would have said, 10, 15 years ago -- that a woman would be elected president!"
Author: Bachelet Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"I was a woman, separated, a socialist, an agnostic ... all possible sins together."
Author: Bachelet Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"In this welcome meeting we expressed our willingness to work together on a bilateral agenda."
Author: Bachelet Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I want there to be more jobs, and I will not commit to a million jobs because we have already created 150 thousand new jobs this past year."
Author: Bachelet Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"I am a woman, a socialist, separated and agnostic - all the sins together."
Author: Bachelet Quotes Category: Women Quotes

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