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5 Scott Gordon quotes:

"I caught him coming across the middle. I read his break and came downhill on it. Unfortunately he got hurt, but it does feel good to give a receiver a nice licking."
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"He's not rah-rah, but he takes ownership of this team. He wants this team to reflect his perseverance and performance on the ice. He sets a tremendous example for all our guys."
"I think there's no better, telling sign of the commitment the city has than Mayor Franklin walking around with a bright yellow T-shirt that says 'sewer' on it at any number of public meetings."
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"You're not limited to a song structure, as you are in pop music. For a song, you've got an intro, a chorus, a bridge, a verse, a chorus, et cetera, and you're done. This is completely open to going left or right at any point. A scoring composer isn't bound to any genre."
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"We really had three main goals this year, and we accomplished two of them. It was a good year for the Bobcats, and there's nothing our guys should hang their heads about."
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