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"Spirit and Opportunity are approaching targets that a year ago seemed well out of reach. Their successes strengthen NASA's commitment to a vision with the ambitious targets of returning samples from Mars and sending human explorers to Mars."
"This mission will greatly expand our scientific understanding of Mars, pave the way for our next robotic missions later in this decade and help us prepare for sending humans to Mars."
"As long as the vehicles remain healthy and they continue the science return, we'll do what we need to do to keep them operating and learning. An asset on the surface like this is invaluable, and we certainly wouldn't want to prematurely cut them off."
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"After a six-month cruise and 300 million mile (480 million km) journey we're finally there. But the first thing we have to do is get into orbit. It's not an easy task."
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"The first boots on Mars will probably get dusty at one of the many potential landing sites the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will inspect all over the planet."

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