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Ken Schneider Quotes

8 Ken Schneider quotes:

"We had a pretty good plan in place, but little things hurt you badly against a team of this caliber. They can score so fast. But for us to be in the tournament championship game and to play this well against one of the best teams in the nation . . . this is something that?s really going to help us as we go down the line this season."
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"North Side Foods has been a proud member of the business community of Central Georgia for more than 15 years and this expansion is a sign of our ongoing commitment to the region. The expanded production line will utilize advanced manufacturing processes that will allow us to continue to provide the best product in the business in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly way."
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"Winning the regional title and beating North was an emotionally difficult experience for me because Dave and I have been friends for 25 years and we had to beat someone you care about and kids your care about. But I like to think of it as a great basketball game between two good teams."
"Davidson is a good, solid fundamental basketball team. We've got to take care of the basketball and (get it) to the right people. Everyone has got top players, but our team is defined by our strength inside and we have to make sure we get the ball to those people. At the same time, other people have to do their jobs and contribute."
"I have got a lot of kids who just believe in one another. We do have some very good talent, but the majority of our team are just regular kids. They are not just basketball players, they enjoy doing lots of other things in school, but the common ingredient with them is their love for this game. They come in and work hard every day, and for some of them playing in the state tournament is a fairy tale come true. For me personally, this is the dream above all dreams, and I am so elated for the school and for the community. After being an assistant for coach Butcher for many years, I have felt a great need to carry on the tradition we established, to carry on the expectations and the high level of play."
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"It has taken a lot of work to get this far, and that?s because these players believe in something. What you see is the drive. Stephanie has that drive. Stephanie has that respect from her teammates. They see what expectations she has. She just rubs off on everyone around her."
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"Emilee is a great, great player and a great kid. She has the ability to take over the game."
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"We have some good basketball teams coming in throughout the three days. I'm pleased with who all is coming. There should be some great basketball being played."

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