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John Kilduff Quotes

10 John Kilduff quotes:

"Prices fell off markedly from last weeks highs, so clearly there is a significant amount of spillover from the rest of the complex."
Author: Kilduff Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"We are looking at the resurgence of the security premium. The Iranian situation is worsening. The U.S. attack in Pakistan, and the likelihood of further trouble in Nigeria are horrible news for consumers."
Author: Kilduff Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"These are newer, bigger worries for the energy market."
Author: Kilduff Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"A large consuming area in the Midwest is going to experience a relatively significant degree of cold weather, and that is going to help support these prices."
Author: Kilduff Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"With distillate stocks at a 14-million-barrel surplus, the forecast for colder temperatures isn't providing much support. It is too little, too late."
Author: Kilduff Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"With distillate stocks at a 14 million-barrel surplus, the forecast for colder temperatures isn't providing much support. It is too little, too late."
"Davis is definitely the gold standard,"
Author: Kilduff Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"Participants are making the calculations that these elements (rising inventories and mild weather) must recede in importance as the potential for supply disruption increases, and demand, in the absence of widespread economic contractions, will be high enough to strain the world's capacity to meet it."
Author: Kilduff Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"It has taken a lot of worry out of the forward looking supply situation."
Author: Kilduff Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"There were very weak fundamentals before this sell-off. The failure to make above $10 generated a lot of selling."
Author: Kilduff Quotes Category: Failure Quotes

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