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Mark Weiss Quotes

7 Mark Weiss quotes:

"Elements in our culture are promoting disrespect, but there's a strong yearning for respect in the human spirit, and our work makes us hopeful."
Author: Weiss Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"I dream of a future in which stem cell therapies are used to treat such diseases as diabetes, Parkinson's disease, or heart attack. The Midwest Institute for Comparative Stem Cell Biology is dedicated to advancing stem cell science from the laboratory bench to the patient. The formation of the stem cell institute is the result of a year of hard work. It is a joy to celebrate this first milestone. There are many more stepping stones yet to cross to realize this dream,"
Author: Weiss Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"I think corporate America has realized in large part that human beings by their very nature are gregarious and like to work around other human beings,"
Author: Weiss Quotes Category: America Quotes
"We have the ability, without a lot of investment, to get new classroom space and housing."
Author: Weiss Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"We want to work with record companies to sell more records because they do that better than anyone."
Author: Weiss Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"The whole notion of telecommuting, which we heard a lot about beginning in the '90s, turned out to be a bunch of nonsense. People like to be around other people."
"We enjoyed having the ability to show off our campus to officers around the state. When they brought their kids here, they would take a look around ... some elected to enroll their children here."
Author: Weiss Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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