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Jon Jansen Quotes

8 Jon Jansen quotes:

"We really treated it like a regular season game."
Author: Jansen Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"There's only one team in this league that's going to end up happy, and it's obviously not going to be us this year."
Author: Jansen Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"It's not that big a deal, ... When I get out to practice, the doc is pretty much going to be able to put a cast on there any way I want, so it's not going to affect me that much. I've still got use of the other four [fingers]."
Author: Jansen Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"Obviously we're happy with this win. But there are things we have to work on and continue to improve on, and [turnovers] are definitely one area."
Author: Jansen Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I think anybody who can look at it in a common-sense manner - they went from a Super Bowl team to a 4-4 team that's in last place in the division. And there's probably a lot of reasons for that, but I think the more glaring reason is the controversy that's gone on since the Super Bowl."
"We accomplished what our [offensive] goals were, ... And that was to make people think about us being able to get downfield and us being able to make big runs. They've got to prepare for all of that now."
Author: Jansen Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"Finally, one of the balls bounced our way. Not only was it a great victory in terms of wins and losses, but it was a great emotional victory. We played hard the whole game and it really paid off in the end. And I think throughout the season, it's something to look back on and say, 'Hey we did this before.' I really think it'll set us up with some good momentum."
Author: Jansen Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"It's definitely made a huge difference, especially in times of trouble. We didn't necessarily have a couple good series in Dallas, and it would have been easy to point the finger and blame it on something. But having the camaraderie that we do and knowing where everybody is going to be, we were able to fight through it and have a great fourth quarter."
Author: Jansen Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes

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