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20 Mark Krikorian quotes:

"It's pretty clear that the immigration service does not have the ability to run a vast guest worker program."
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"The professional opportunities for soccer players are very limited in America. There isn't a pro league here for women, and MLS is still pretty small, so you have to make sure a school is a good fit academically. If you want to be a physical therapist, and a school doesn't offer the courses you need to become certified, is it worth it to go there? It's a question of compatibility first and foremost."
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"The broad phenomenon is that states have to grapple with the issue of immigration because of failure on behalf of the federal government. The state and localities end up holding the bag."
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"The benefit to those who are not immigrants is miniscule and is completely wiped out by the extra social costs that immigrants incur."
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"A high-profile immigration raid like this, as unusual as it is — four days before Congress comes back to debate amnesty again — does smell suspicious. I'm happy to see the enforcement. The question is: Is the administration committed to the routine enforcement of immigration law, not just when these egregious cases come along? I'm sure they aren't."
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"The problem is Congress bans the employment of illegal aliens but bases the verification on pieces of paper and plastic. It's almost designed to create business for document fraud. It's almost designed to create business for document fraud."
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"The president has Richard Nixon levels of popularity right now. He's just in no position to push Congress around."
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"Congressmen are increasingly uneasy about being seen as soft on immigration control. I would bet that we end up with an enforcement-only bill and no guest-worker program."
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"They're very athletic and they have good organization, and that combination usually means a stingy defense. They have good players all over the field."
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"These startup groups suggest an increasing sophistication in the immigration debate."
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"I think it probably hardened the determination of the House not to give in to the threats of the mob."
"Clergymen ought to stick to the things they know and government policy is not one of them."
"I think it's going to implode. They're trying to do too much."
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"The president is in enough trouble with his base."
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"Technology is a tool, but it's only a tool. The personnel has to be adequate and the policy objectives appropriate. I would rather see better policy and less technology."
"That tells you the White House statement was slippery enough that both sides could plausibly claim support."
Author: Krikorian Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"Today's immigration policy is almost founded on lies. It presupposes lying by almost everyone involved."
"This is the first time I've ever heard the president praise Customs and Border Protection agents. This was an important thing to do."
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"What that suggests to me is that a policy of attrition of the legal population through law enforcement could actually work because most of them are not deeply rooted."
Author: Krikorian Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"I was very pleased with our performance tonight. I thought we were very sharp and created an awful lot of scoring chances. I thought their goalkeeper was outstanding and made a few very good saves. I am really satisfied with our team tonight."

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