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"We want to score more points, ... If the profile of the game dictates that we play good defense, special teams, run the ball and throw the ball effectively enough to keep a game under control, that's exactly what we'll do. Yes, we'd like to score more points. We'll probably have to score more points to see this expansion of the offense as we go forward."
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"The players love his passion, they love his dedication, ... Rex grew up in this game, in as passionate a football home, a la Buddy and his brothers, as you could possibly imagine. Talking, arguing, fighting over football every night at dinner. He brings that passion with him, and the players respond to that."
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"The frustration, the angst -- anger, if you will -- of the fans right now is matched only by the coaches and the players and the organization. It's very frustrating, very angering to not play better, to not do a couple of those things that you have to win in a close game."
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"I believe in the character of this football team, ... We made some egregious mistakes [Sunday]. But I believe in the character of these guys, and I'll stick by that character and support them to the end."
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"I am accountable for everything that goes on with this football team. I take that very personally. The buck stops here. I am accountable and am going to be the one that has to put us on a course to correct it."
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"I've got a quarterback that's had a year off, ... I wanted to get as many viable snaps, game snaps, with Anthony Wright going into the Tennessee game that I could."
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"It wasn't for lack of shots, ... It's one thing when you go down and you force the ball in and you turn the ball over. We've done that. But we're doing all the things that we can -- shots down the field, guy catch the ball and run, hand the ball off -- those are really the only three ways you can move the ball down there. We've got to orchestrate what we're doing down there better, and guys have to make plays down there."
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"It's our intention to live up to the contract."
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"You hate to let them walk out the door, but it's absolutely unavoidable, ... We knew what we were coming up to. We didn't wake up after the playoff loss to Pittsburgh and say, 'Oh, [shoot], look where we are with the cap.' We projected where our window was, and where we'd have to regroup. And we're clearly in the regrouping stage. But that regrouping doesn't mean we can't be good this season. We're not capitulating."
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"I hate to make the move, but Orlando understands that's what we need to do and hopefully his presence still being around will help us out."
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"I told the team before the game they didn't quite seem to have the passion and intensity you need to have every time you step on the field. That's something this team is usually good at. That concerns me a little bit."
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"I can do the math. You can't trade sevens for three, plain and simple."
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"I've got to get back to being a head coach. That involves the relationship with your players, albeit understanding the relationship between player and head coach is well-defined. That doesn't mean you can't pull yourself back into that environment more effectively. I have to be more responsive and helpful to my assistant coaches, to give them the platform and the resources they need to be successful."
"Sometimes it's easy to feel isolated from one another because of the nature of what we do, but I think the organization as a whole appreciated the concept that we are truly in all this together,"
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"There are varying opinions as to whether you do a surgery on this and there are prevailing opinions that say no, that the strength is good. That's something he and the doctors will have to sort through. Obviously, if they decide that it would put him in additional risk long term and if surgery is required, then clearly that would do him for the rest of the season."
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"I had a quarterback that had a year off. He needed those snaps, ... I wanted to get as many viable snaps with Anthony Wright - going into the Tennessee game - as I could. Clearly the game was out of reach, but it was a tactical decision to get Anthony the reps."
"We spent next year's No. 1 to get a guy who was ranked 10th on our board this year. What's that worth? Unless we wind up in the top 10 of next year's draft -- and we think we're going to a better team than that -- we can live with that price. This building is pumped. We've added to our offense and our defense, and we've got a quarterback we can build around."
"I had a quarterback that had a year off. He needed those snaps, ... I wanted to get as many viable snaps with Anthony Wright ? going into the Tennessee game ? as I could. Clearly the game was out of reach, but it was a tactical decision to get Anthony the reps."
"You don't want to put a player at risk. He feels good. We just have to make sure everyone else signs off on it."
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"You never pass up dynamic talent. Is he all you need? No. But I'll take it."
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