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Vincent Creel Quotes

8 Vincent Creel quotes:

"He is going to be looked on as a genius for that."
Author: Creel Quotes Category: Genius Quotes
"All elected leaders will be looking at whether the regional system is fair and equitable to the taxpayers who elected them."
"We drained Food Giant for the public safety people. The mayor commandeered the store."
Author: Creel Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"It was once known as the International Plaza, which is indicative of the diversity of the Point Cadet area."
Author: Creel Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"The cadaver dogs are due in this afternoon."
Author: Creel Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"CC means 'condemned by the city'. If a structure is a threat to public safety or public health, it's going to have to come down. If you seen the CC in front of the sidewalk at your house, there's no reason to fear. We're not going to come down tomorrow and tear your house down. That's just another step in the process."
Author: Creel Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"You're probably going to see martial law before too long."
Author: Creel Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"It was not so much a communications breakdown as it was a communication device breakdown. So if we'd have had carrier pigeons, we'd have been using them. We'd have used smoke signals, but we didn't have water."

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