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"Rising repair costs have increased the likelihood that damages exceed the vehicle's market value, causing an insurance carrier to total the vehicle rather than repair it. However, claims settlement satisfaction is considerably lower among customers who have had their vehicles totaled, often because they owe more on their vehicle loan than the settlement amount."
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"Customers want to know and have a say in what happens in the repair process of their vehicle. Basic communication between the insurance company and the customer regarding what will be done to repair their vehicle, parts types the body shop is going to use, and how long repairs will take goes a long way to increase customer satisfaction."
"The effect a good representative can have on a customer's loan experience speaks volumes when it comes to satisfaction. The process of securing an equity loan can be complicated, so the loan officer can be seen as the 'saving grace' by a customer whose loan process has experienced some bumps in the road. We find that a representative who is courteous, friendly and keeps the customer well informed throughout the process can have a major impact on how the customer views the lending firm as a whole."
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