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"So far, the level of communication has been very direct, and it's been constant. So far, so good."
"He's still a member of Congress, and he's still going to help on the agenda."
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"Mr. DeLay was of the mind-set that members of Congress were more adjusted to the funding needs of their district than federal-agency bureaucrats."
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"Congress will get right to work at crafting a comprehensive Hurricane Katrina relief package."
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"Leadership knew this was going to be a tough vote. Mr. DeLay worked to help leadership get the votes needed. Everybody knows Mr. DeLay is someone members often seek counsel from."
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"Mr DeLay is dedicated to growing our economy, protecting America's national security interests and reforming government. He has done so by developing a plan, raising funds to help elect colleagues who share his vision and then advocating achievement of those goals."
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"Mr. DeLay remains confident that we can continue to move the legal schedule rapidly toward either dismissal or a trial sometime in January."
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"No decisions have been made yet on how to move it to the floor."
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"There is an understanding on Capitol Hill that Mississippi, which took the brunt of this, had a much better response than Louisiana."
"It's a new leadership style. You do a lot more listening than talking."
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"We've taken advantage of a combination of lower-than-expected gas prices, asset management agreements and storage access to reduce the costs of natural gas purchases at our operating companies in February and March."
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