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9 Maria Rodriguez quotes:

"The community has really come together to help our family with gifts and donations for Ethan."
"I tell them no, it is not true. It's sad to hear people with so much fear."
Author: Rodriguez Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"I'm sure there are people who do scams, but that's not everybody. They can't just categorize us all."
Author: Rodriguez Quotes Category: People Quotes
"You could come here and shop in peace -- no one ever bothered you. I used to come here a lot at night, but I'm only going to come in the daytime. I'm too scared."
Author: Rodriguez Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"We want to exercise our right to address the governments and societies of both countries, in the search of a better understanding that will benefit both sides,"
Author: Rodriguez Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"I like to encourage my kids to have physical activity. They really love it."
Author: Rodriguez Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"A march is not a movement. It's a barometer for the passion. The community needs mobilization. We're in it for the long haul. If we really want successful integration, we have to do much more than march."
"My family, we've been working here for 15 years. We never asked for any government money. We can't, because we're working with illegal documents. The only thing we can do is just work."
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"In other years, by this time, sales are exploding, but this year it's very slow."
Author: Rodriguez Quotes Category: Sales Quotes

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