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"All of our goals for economic development in CrittendenCounty are tied to the legislative process in Frankfort, ... Knowing how to deal with the legislative andbureaucratic processes are key to this position."
"This is one more corporate rollback happening around the country. A lot of people, especially senior employees, are in a bit of a shock. They feel like the rug's been pulled out from under them."
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"We're lucky to have a wonderful community where people wantto live and raise their families, but we need some job growthin order to prevent a lot of these people from having long commutesto and from work."
"Not only the press, but also the communities and the workers can't get a straight answer out of the company they work for, ... It benefits IBM because they know the truth, and they know that it's hard for others to get the full impact of this, so they just play this game with everybody."
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"As a community, we have made great strides in education.Compared to other places in western Kentucky, we're way aheadbecause we have a quality school system and the Marion Ed-TechCenter, ... I would rate our availableworkforce a B to an A. The only reason it's not an A-plus, isbecause we don't have enough available workers."
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"I don't understand why they're playing this kind of game with everybody. It's really having a negative impact on the business."
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"Unemployment in Crittenden County is relatively low, butthink that's because many workers have taken lower-skilled jobsthan they are qualified to perform,"
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