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26 Ken Perkins quotes:

"These two companies have been lighting it up. They had a super December and they've generally been showing decent sales and earnings growth compared to other names in the specialty retail sector."
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"Same-store sales in September 2002 jumped 37 percent. Sales in October last year were up 23 percent, 15 percent in November. [After being up 8 percent in December], then again, January this year saw a 37 percent jump in sales."
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"On average, comparable sales grew 5.8 percent just in those three months compared to an average of 2.6 percent in the last six months of 2004, ... The first-half of the year will be a big challenge."
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"Pier 1 hasn't posted a comparable sales increase since March last year. The retailer is struggling badly with their merchandising and I don't think their marketing is compelling either."
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"The teen specialty space blew the cover off the ball again. They had a fabulous month."
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"There wasn't a lot of color offered in press releases this morning on this great performance, but given the number of retailers that indicated strong gift card sales over the holidays, it looks like there were some pretty strong gift card redemptions taking place in January. Warm weather appears to have helped drive traffic as well and it helped retailers sell spring merchandise at full price."

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