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10 Mao Qun'an quotes:

"And the disease often come on fast and results in crock-up of multiple organs, which also result in high mortality."
Author: Qun'an Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"The incidence of infectious diseases last year was higher because the reporting system has been strengthened at medical institutes and fewer cases were missed."
Author: Qun'an Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"Our news release mechanism has improved a lot since the SARS crisis and the outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza. We will try to do better in the future."
Author: Qun'an Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"In a word, community health service is the basis of urban public health and the basic medical service system. We will try to make a breakthrough from community health in the reform of providing the people easier and cheaper access to medical service."
Author: Qun'an Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"The release of information has been timely, open and transparent."
Author: Qun'an Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"Fighting against tuberculosis unremittingly is the slogan for this year and depicts our goal for the future."
"The Ministry of Public Health provided timely information on the country's human infection cases of bird flu and held three news briefings on the epidemic within two months, which created a favorable environment for bird flu prevention and control."
Author: Qun'an Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"The whole health system is on high alert. Enhanced surveillance and preventative measures have been taken."
Author: Qun'an Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"We cannot lower our guard in the slightest degree against the risk of bird flu triggering a new epidemic."
Author: Qun'an Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"But it's hard to understand how the man became infected when he was just passing by, while the slaughterers themselves were not infected. There are still a lot of uncertainties."
Author: Qun'an Quotes Category: Man Quotes

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